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Can you recommend a good PT/Chiro/TRS Coach near me?
Can you recommend a good PT/Chiro/TRS Coach near me?

Looking for a coach or practitioner trained in The Ready State approach? Find one near you in our Practitioner Directory!

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Yes we can! At The Ready State, we get this question all the time… That’s why we created The Ready State Professional Directory. It lets you search, filter, and find a TRS-certified coach or practitioner near you.Β 

We personally vet every provider in our Directory. At a minimum, they are all certified as The Ready State Specialists or Coaches. That means they have completed our comprehensive Movement & Mobility 101 and/or 102 courses. And many of our coaches are also physical therapists, chiropractors, or coaches with additional certifications.

With The Ready State Professional Directory, a top-tier coach or practitioner is only one click away. Start your search now!

The TRS Directory is for clients seeking TRS-Certified specialists, coaches, and master coaches in their area. We connect athletes to coaches and practitioners who are certified in The Ready State methodology and are integrating our performance-based and injury-prevention principles into their practices.

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