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In-person Course

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Our Movement & Mobility 102 course is a two-day, in-person training. This advanced course gives coaches a start-to-finish protocol for evaluating a client’s mobility. And it also provides a full programming template to correct restricted movement and range of motion.

Taking our 102 course will give you…

  • Active, passive, and motor control tests for each of our seven mobility archetypes — 43 tests in all.

  • 54 range of motion guidelines from seven different institutions and “gold-standard” references.

  • Our complete mobility evaluation form to use in your own practice right away. This four-page assessment covers 118 different data points. And it gives you our 35-section mobilization programming template.

CEU credits from the following organizations:

✅ ACE (CEP125759)  — 1.5 CEUs

✅ ACSM — 10 CEUs

✅ AFAA (Provider # 11,770) — 15 CEUs

✅ NASM (Provider #4,045) — 1.6 CEUs

And much more…

Before attending the 102 course, you must complete our Movement and Mobility 101 course. Or you must show proof you attended Dr. Starrett’s CrossFit Mobility course. (We do offer a bundled discount if you register for both the 101 and 102 course at the same time. Contact [email protected] for details.)

At the end of the 102 course, you earn The Ready State Movement & Mobility Coach’s Certificate.

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