Previous Military, Police and First Responder Speaking Events Include…

Members of the military, police, and other first responders face exceptional physical and environmental demands. And other people’s lives — not to mention their own — depend on their ability to act at a moment’s notice. But preparing teams for these demands is a challenge…
Too much training — or the wrong training — can lead to injury or exhaustion. But too little training will leave the team under-prepared.

Booking Kelly to work with your team can help you dial in your training and recovery. With proper movement, mobility, and mechanics, your team will be able to face the physical demands of their job safely and effectively. And with improved recovery, they will be able to handle a higher training volume with lower risk of injury.

Kelly will also invite US Army veteran and Ready State coach Dr. Danny Matta with him for some of these talks. Together, they will show your team how to use The Ready State’s principles to program efficient training and recovery for tactical athletes and war fighter personnel. That means fewer lost man hours to injury, and a team that’s always ready to perform at its best.

“We must move to a point where we begin to recognize and prioritize that an anti-fragile body is the primary weapons system of the modern war fighter.Our forces are only as strong as they are able to remain durable in the face of considerable training and deployment pressures.” - Dr. Kelly Starrett

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