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What is The Ready State?
6. Meet The Ready State Team🤝
6. Meet The Ready State Team🤝

TRS wouldn’t be what it is today without the support of our AMAZING team. And I want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve.

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Meet The Ready State Team👋

My brilliant wife Juliet Starrett is our co-founder and CEO. None of this would be possible without her.

Dave Beatie is our COO. He makes sure our entire business runs smoothly and has a near-legendary archive of movie quotes that we find indispensable. (Plus he knows all of our passwords, so we can’t get rid of him.)

Margaret “Mags” Garvey is our Director of Education and perennial winner of the “goes above and beyond” award. She manages all our courses and events — plus any and all of the other crazy ideas we come up with.

Lisa “Lux” Schwartz oversees our content, design, and quality control. She produces our podcast and tries to make sure our videos don’t have vacuums, debris, and cords in the background… (Sorry Lux! We’re working on it.)

Nathan Loe is our main man behind (and sometimes in front of) the camera. He’s our Video Producer and handles the “we-lost-count-a-while-ago” number of videos we put out every month. 

And we’ve got an amazing team of nearly a dozen coaches that help us as well: Dr. Sean McBride, Dr. Travis Jewett, Debbie Steingesser, Dr. Kingsley Yew, Sandra Arechaederra, Dr. Jon Ide-Don, Dr. Danny Matta, Dr. Dianna DiToro, Dr. Roop Sihota, and Dr. Theresa Larson.

I’m grateful every day to work with such an amazing group.

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