This is a 6-week long plan that is designed to bridge the gap between rehab and training. It will improve your mobility, as well as build strength and confidence. This plan was developed for athletes that have a history of knee pain that causes limitations in their training and daily activities.

Do not skip weeks or try to get ahead of yourself. This program increases in load/difficulty over the course of 6 weeks by design. The design is for 4 days of work and 3 days of rest. It is best if you use this in conjunction with some type of conditioning work. If you’re at a CrossFit gym, do everything that doesn’t bother you and layer this program on after your training session. If you’re an Olympic lifter or Power lifter, it might be harder for you and you may have to avoid certain parts of your sports for the duration of the 6-week plan. Our goal is to treat while we train, so get after whatever movements you can that don’t aggravate your knee while we are building it backup.

Equipment Needed....

Access to any CrossFit style gym should have everything you will need.Equipment used includes:
 ●  Dumbbell/Small weight plate
 ●  Kettlebell
 ●  Bike
 ●  Gymnastics Rings or TRX straps
 ●  Voodoo Band
 ●  Small size and medium size JumpStretch or Rogue Superband or Theraband
 ●  Lacrosse Ball or Tune Up Balls or Supernova or Gemini for self-release techniques.

There are video links throughout the course to show you how to do the exercises.

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