Injury to your central nervous system is a bummer, at every level. Tweak your spine and you don’t want to move very quickly, much less lift heavy weights, fight, or sit in a car for any extended amount of time. For most people, their first taste of neuro-mechanical compromise comes in the shape and flavor of low back pain. Underlying the nearly 100 billion dollars spent on back pain in the U.S. every year are a half a million back surgeries. More importantly, spinal dysfunction and disorganization is a one way ticket to lost potential-ville. Your spine was built to be 110 years old (and pain free). Most people will identify core strength as being “important” to their spinal health but can’t identify any actual structures of their spine and “core” beyond the muscles that look good at the beach. The spine is some pretty incredible engineering and to understand the it, you’ve got to understand the pelvis and hip. This course will review key anatomical systems and landmarks, but more importantly will tie hip and spine physiology to actual function (in real time). This course will also review common spinal pathology and mechanisms for injury.


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