Take a quick review of the the knee injury literature and nearly every author opens their paper with some statement to the effect of: “Within the scope of human movement, the knee is an inherently poor design given the complexity of the demands on it.” And yet, some humans still manage to play professional football, squat 1200 pounds, win olympic gymnastic medals, and fight wars without injury to this crappy “design”. According to the NCAA statistics compiled in 2011, women are still tearing their ACL’s at nearly 4 times the rates of men in Soccer and Basketball. A 2012 study shows kids under 12 with a minor 400% increase in ACL injuries. Never mind the fact that total knee replacements in America have doubled in the last 10 years. An average person will take between 8-12 thousand steps a day depending. Think of the number of load cycles this is on this “fragile” system in a month, a year, or a decade. Meniscus is 7 times more slippery than ice on ice. You have none of it to spare. The knee is not the problem, remember how many people DON’T mess up their knees? This webinar is dedicated to understanding the basic anatomy and physiology of this incredible joint system. We will cover mechanisms of knee injury as well as common pathology and disease.

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