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5. The Ready State Podcast
5. The Ready State Podcast

Conversations on the cutting-edge of human performance

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World-class experts reveal how to get — and stay — ready…for anything. Join hosts Dr. Kelly Starrett and Juliet Starrett for this eye-opening podcast.


There is a place where you are always operating at the peak of your human potential. A place we call The Ready State.

But how do you get there?

That’s the challenge. Because the human body is complex — arguably the most complex thing in the known universe. And it’s connected, too. (Or a “system of systems,” as we like to say.) That means any one aspect of your health can impact every other aspect of it. Which creates an intricate web of cause-and-effect.

We started this podcast to try and untangle that web — at least a little.

Of course, we’ll talk about physical health. After all, Kelly’s spent over a decade working with athletes in the NFL, MLB, Olympics, and beyond. And Juliet is a three-time world champion paddler, and the CEO of two world-renowned fitness companies. Plus being physically healthy is one of the most crucial parts of a person’s well-being.

But we also explore other critical and cutting-edge aspects of peak performance. Everything from sleep and diet, to genetics and generational issues. And we hear from the doctors, athletes, and other experts who are at the forefront of these fields.

That way, you can live your life in The Ready State — where you are always operating at the peak of your human potential. Subscribe and start listening below!


This season introduces The Ready State Podcast. It takes you on an expansive journey into the world of cutting-edge human performance. We discuss the latest breakthroughs in genetics and how they apply to daily life. We talk about how to raise Ready State kids so the next generation grows up happier and healthier. And we explore the latest discoveries in the world of diet and nutrition. Subscribe and start listening below!

We live in a world of extraordinary human physical achievement. More people today are fitter, stronger, faster, and pushing their physical limits than at any time in history. And yet, we are still often bewildered by many of the most fundamental questions relating to our physicality. 

1️⃣S1EP1: The State of Genetics Dr. Richard Lee
2️⃣S1EP2: Bringing Genetics to the People Dr. Jeremy Koenig
3️⃣S1EP3: How We Train Kids Jeff and Mikki Martin
4️⃣S1EP4: Foundational Movement for Kids Eric Cressey
5️⃣S1EP5: Developing Well-Rounded Athletes Harry Marra
6️⃣S1EP6: The Role of Fear Rebecca Rusch
7️⃣S1EP7: Precision Nutrition John Berardi
8️⃣S1EP8: Deep Nutrition Dr. Cate Shanahan


Season 2 of The Ready State Podcast is all about facing and managing pain. Pain is a universal experience. But at the same time, the natural state of the human body is pain-free. And yet most people we talk to — upwards of 90% — experience pain on a daily basis.

That's why we wanted to understand more about pain in this season of the podcast. We discuss how it works, the role that the brain plays, and how we can shift our relationship with pain. Our goal is to conceptualize the complex and subjective nature of pain. And then help you find your own path towards being pain-free. Subscribe and start listening below!

Pain is a universal experience for every human and we wanted to understand more about how it works, the role that the brain plays, and how we can shift our relationship with pain. We spoke with athletes, scientists, filmmakers, and writers to help conceptualize the very complex and subjective nature of pain. Check out Season 2 for chats with Georges St-Pierre, Chris Bell, Laird Hamilton, Amelia Boone, Sue Falsone, Dr. Stu McGill, Dr. Andrew Huberman, and Dr. Alex Hutchinson.

1️⃣S2EP1: Pain Expert Georges St-Pierre
2️⃣S2EP2: Pain Dr. Stuart McGill
3️⃣S2EP3: Neuroplasticity Dr. Andrew Huberman
4️⃣S2EP4: Pain Is My Cousin Laird Hamilton
5️⃣S2EP5: Rehab To Sport Sue Falsone
6️⃣S2EP6: Opioids + Kratom Chris Bell
7️⃣S2EP7: The Science Of Suffering Dr. Alex Hutchinson
8️⃣S2EP8: The Queen of Pain Amelia Boone


Season 3 of The Ready State Podcast is all about raising Ready State kids. Because if we can give our kids a better foundation, it will stick with them for life.

We explore what it takes to raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids in the high-tech era. We cover essential topics like nutrition, fitness, and sleep. We also discuss the current state of childhood obesity and sports (over)-specialization. And we give parents tons of practical — and reasonable — tips they can start using with their own children right away. Subscribe and start listening below!

Season 3 of The Ready State is here and it’s all about KIDS! We wanted to understand how we can raise happy, healthy, well-adjusted kids without mucking it up. We talk extensively about nutrition, fitness, sleep, the current state of childhood obesity, sports specialization, what we are doing right, and what we are getting wrong. Our goal was to provide parents with tons of practical advice and takeaways that are both actionable and reasonable. Check out these fascinating conversations with Mark Verstegen of EXOS, John O’Sullivan, Dr. Jose Greenspon, Dr. Stacy Sims, Gray Cook, Dr. Mark Benden, Katie Wells, and Nic Gill of the All Blacks.

1️⃣S3EP1: Youth Development Mark Verstegen
2️⃣S3EP2: Changing the Game John O’Sullivan
3️⃣S3EP3: Childhood Obesity Dr. Jose Greenspon
4️⃣S3EP4: Sex Differences Dr. Stacy Sims
5️⃣S3EP5: Functional Movement Gray Cook
6️⃣S3EP6: Sedentary Lifestyles Dr. Mark Benden
7️⃣S3EP7: Wellness Mama Katie Wells
8️⃣S3EP8: Health Your Kids Nic Gill


Season 4 of The Ready State is a “Where are they now” of early CrossFit. Juliet and Kelly are coming up on 15 years of CrossFit affiliation and a lot has changed over the years. CrossFit literally revolutionized how we think about fitness and the limits of human performance. Its innovative training style, combined with a focus on community, completely upended the fitness industry. 

It has led to the creation of thousands of companies that support CrossFit affiliates and athletes, and has produced countless thought leaders. With more than 15,000 current affiliates, it is arguably responsible for creating the boutique fitness industry as we know it today. This season we talk to some of the earliest affiliates, Games athletes, and SMEs that helped shape this movement to find out their CrossFit origin stories, how the journey has been, and what they are doing now.

1️⃣S4EP1: Grinding it Out Jason Khalipa
2️⃣S4EP2: Tactical AF CF TJ Cooper
3️⃣S4EP3: Thee Geezer Coach Burgener
4️⃣S4EP4: Never Subpar Hollis Molloy
5️⃣S4EP5: Community Builder Tom Brose
6️⃣S4EP6: Still Nasty Annie Sakamoto
7️⃣S4EP7: All or Nothing Mike Minium
8️⃣S4EP8: Breathe Bake Tan Brian Mackenzie
9️⃣S4EP9: Movement Matters Dave Werner
🔟S4EP10: You Down With SPP? John Welbourn
S4EP11: All The Speals Chris Spealler



Season 5 of The Ready State Podcast is coming soon and it is all about AGING and LONGEVITY. Aging is a universal experience and yet we often feel powerless to its effects. We want to dig into this subject and learn about all the environmental and lifestyle factors that contribute to how we age, how long we live, and our quality of life as we age. Is it all about genetics? Or can we make a positive impact on how we age and increase longevity by making more educated choices? How does life, health, and sport change as we age? What actionable advice can we implement right now?

We rounded up some friends that are not letting age define them. We check in to see what nutrition, sleep, and exercise look like for those that seem to have this aging thing down. People from Gabby Reece to Mark Sisson and Erwan Le Corre. Join us and get a little insight and some actionable advice so we can push further and redefine what health and performance look like on the back half of this journey we call life.

1️⃣S5EP1: 75 Inches of Badass Gabby Reece
2️⃣S5EP2: Food + Play for Longevity Mark Sisson
3️⃣S5EP3: Emotional Health Matters Petra Kolber
4️⃣S5EP4: Movement Poverty Predicament Erwan Le Corre
5️⃣S5EP5: Break a Sweat Every Day Matt Hasselbeck
6️⃣S5EP6: Longevity vs. Durability Dr. Nick DiNubile

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